George Brown

Subject:   Programs/Activities for your Local unit, Chapter, Conference and District


As Sons of Allen you are encouraged to become involved in activities which will aid you in creating a sense of Christian Community. The following Ideas may assist you in achieving your goals.  They are as follows:

Scouting:  The Boy Scouts of America is approved by the AME Church for the growth and development of our young men.  Each pastor is authorized to set up and maintain an organization in his church or see that the boys of his local church participate in the movement through other local Protestant churches. To begin a Scouting program contact your Annual Conference Director of Boy Scouts or the National Director of Boy Scouts.

Recreation:  Many men and young men see the church as a place for worship and worship alone.  Providing positive recreational activities can erase that idea.  Men of the church can organize into athletic teams or other group activities for enjoyment sake.  They can also take the young men of the church on recreational outings (bowling, movies, ball games, etc.) as well so that our youth can find that fun need not be found “on the corner”.

Workshops:  The church should be a place of learning, workshops can be organized for that purpose.  Possibilities include auto repair and maintenance, basic home repair, health and wellness, dealing with peer pressure and any others that the unit deems appropriate.

Church Service:  The unit can work and recruit youth to see to the basic work around the church and grounds to see that the church is kept in good condition, and to foster Christian responsibility.  Men of the church can also organize to work in the church through choirs, ushering, and other involvement in the active life of the church.

Community Service:  The unit can provide a vehicle to see that the aged and needy of the church have basic maintenance performed at their homes, work to see that political and social justice issues are addresses, work with schools and other area agencies to take part in mentoring programs for young men, and lead the way in any activity that serves to better the lives of others.

Manhood Training:  There are any number  of agencies and church related organization that now offer instructional packets for what is called “manhood training” a program of instruction and discipline that ends with young men who take part being acknowledged in  some type of manhood ceremony.  Possibilities for instruction and course material include; conflict resolution, African and African American History, responsibility, Bible and church history and physical fitness.  Men of the church can also be examples of positive black manhood, so that it can be understood that you don’t have to be on the athletic field or the music stage to be a “winner.”


Joint Activities with other Connectional Auxiliaries:   Such as the Women’s Missionary Society and Young People’s Division, young women of the church have the WMS as a vehicle of service when they go beyond YPD age.  The Sons of Allen can serve the same purpose for young men of the church when they go beyond YPD age.  Cooperative activities can make that transition easier and can assure coordination in the church’s mission activities.

Collaboration with Community Organizations:  Many social agencies, schools and other community action agencies are in disparate need of black male volunteers.   When you volunteer, you provide a presence that can’t otherwise be made available and wipe out the myth that the church is filled with women and not care about our communities.

Brethren, these are only suggestions, any positive activity agreed upon by the group is a good activity.  Finally, an informed SOA is an empowered SOA who can transform our churches and our communities by bringing African American men into an altering relationship with our Lord.



Sons of Allen
Volunteerism is the principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward.  The Sons of Allen is a powerful group of men in the African Methodist Episcopal Church currently providing mentoring programs for young men.   This diverse group of men serves as volunteers in the public school system, communities, Junior Achievement, the Department of Juvenile Justice, prisons and other institutions where their services as volunteers are required.  They provide funds for scholarships and receive recognition for their outreach services and the highest praise from the faith base community. As volunteers the Sons of Allen expertise brings stability, clarity and directions to the participants for their mentoring and tutorial projects.  The Mentoring Programs provide students with adults who are role models, friends, advocates and guides; to inspire confidence, self-esteem and academic goals.   The community is a catalyst for social action and a key resource for volunteer involvement.  I envision volunteer units/centers being established in all Episcopal Districts by the Sons of Allen to bridge the gap in services by agencies that provide wholesome activities for our communities.

  Hansel Robinson
Wednesday, October 25, 2017
St. Paul  AME Coconut Grove Florida
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  Bro. Cornelius Hubbard
Thursday, September 28, 2017
In the matchless name of our savior Jesus Christ I greet my brothers of the Sons of Allen. I am from St. Stephens AMEC in Essex, MD part of the Baltimore District of the 2nd Episcopal District. Our Pastor is Rev. Christopher Paul Burnett. Our unit has been officially active since July 2016. We are growing and continuing to reach out to men in our church and men outside our church. We are fellowshipping with other churches in the Baltimore Area Conference where we have a "Man Call" every quarter under the direction of our coordinator Rev. Dr. Baron Young.  St. Stephens AMEC Unit kicked our our Men's Season with a regional Man Call on July 1st. Since then we have had a 5 Men speaker event that "Unleashed the Power" testimonials of lay men from our church. We our annual prayer breakfast that included a production of "The Glory Train". Our next event is our Young Men's Day on October 22nd and Men's day will be November 12th. We host an ongoing Men's Sunday School class, a weekly 12-step recovery meeting , morning prayer services on Monday - Wednesday, starting a Prison Ministry before the end of the calendar year. God is Good! May all your efforts to build God's Kingdom be blessed.
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  Greg Harding
Saturday, September 16, 2017
My local Men's Mnistry is interested in participating with the Connectional Organization.  We are confident that the SOA is in the business of uplifitng God and building the Kingdom through fellowhsip with brothers of like mind. We want to better understand the the organization with regard to networking opportunities, connectional meeting, and financial obligations. 
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  Jasper R. Brown Jr
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Dear Sirs:   Just wanted to say hello and that i am proud to be a member of the Sons of Allen, the South Georgia Conference, Donalsonville-West District. Keep up the goo work and maybe Iwill be able to visit an event soon.   Respectfully,   Jasper R. Brown , Jr.
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana- President(19th)
Monday, September 4, 2017
ANNUAL CONFERENCES Let me, on behalf of the 19th Episcopal District Sons of Allen(NEDSoA) leadership, wish all the members of the 19th Episcopal District and the leadership , the strength to cruise through their preparations as they will be kicking off with their first Annual Conference in the first week of October 2017. I also appeal to the memebers of this God-favoured organisation to attend these Annual Conferences in numbers that will ' make the devil salivate' !!! Pula !!! Camagu !!! Veels geluk !!!
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  Jasper R. Brown Jr
Monday, August 28, 2017
Just wanted to check in and say that the South Conference, Donalsonville-West District is alive and well and still working to edify the Kingdom of God. %u200BRepectfully,  Jasper R. Brown, Jr.
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  Wesley Jacobs
Thursday, August 24, 2017
Hello,  coming from a small congregation I've been appointed as our SOA . So I'm looking to network to get ideas and learn more to become effective in the men's ministry. Thank you
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  Stan Smith
Monday, July 24, 2017
1st Annual 6th ED SOA Retreat Sep 1-2, 2017 @ Bethel AMEC in Albany, Ga. Rev. Kevin Moore Host Pastor, Bro. Anthony Payton Host Conference SOA Coordinator, Brother Carlton Hollis Host District Coordinator . Workshops Bro. Donald Lovette Old Ga. SOA Conference Coordinator, Social Justice, -Beginning Farmers/ Ranchers/ Bro. James Ford- r, Handling Gods Money Gods Way- Rev. Donna Devoe-Baker   Connectional President Bro. George Brown will be on hand, to Speak on SOA Mission. Comedy of Rev. Yolanda Ellison on Friday Night.
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  n Smith 6th ED SOA Director
Monday, July 24, 2017
The 1st Annual 6thED Sons Of Allen Retreat, will be held @ Bethel AMEC in Albany , Gaore Host Pastor,  Sep1-2 2017 Comedy Show Rev. Yolanda Ellison , Fish Dinner and Connectional SOA Prsident on Friday Sep 1, 2017  Workshops and Noonday Worship on Saturday Sep 2, 2017 Rev. Kevin Moore Speaker . Social Justice Bro. Donald Lovette Old Ga Conference SOA Coordinator.  , -Beginning Farmers/Ranchers Mr. James Ford, and Handling Gods Money- Gods Way Rev, Donna Baker- Presenter  More Workshops, to be added.
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  n Smith 6th ED SOA Director
Monday, July 24, 2017
The 1st Annual 6thED Sons Of Allen Retreat, will be held @ Bethel AMEC in Albany , Gaore Host Pastor,  Sep1-2 2017 Comedy Show Rev. Yolanda Ellison , Fish Dinner and Connectional SOA Prsident on Friday Sep 1, 2017  Workshops and Noonday Worship on Saturday Sep 2, 2017 Rev. Kevin Moore Speaker . Social Justice Bro. Donald Lovette Old Ga Conference SOA Coordinator.  , -Beginning Farmers/Ranchers Mr. James Ford, and Handling Gods Money- Gods Way Rev, Donna Baker- Presenter  More Workshops, to be added.
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana
Saturday, July 22, 2017
EAST CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Venue              : Sir Thomas Cullinan- TEMBISA Pastor              : Reverend Siphiwe Msibi Date                : 22 July 2017 Topic                : YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO YOU ARE ( Rev. SJ Moleli)                              SEXUALITY ( Brother Lazarus Meko-Coordinator)                               STATE OF THE CHURCH ( Open discussion) NB. What a workshop !!!!
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  Cleitis Walker Jr
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Smith Memorial AME Mobile, Al SOA President. 
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  Deborah Daniels
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Greetings My Dear Brothers, I heard today that SOA included in thier strategic plan to partner with Prison Fellowship Ministries to adopt the Angel Tree program as SOA ministry. This is exciting news.  I am the Southeast Area Director for Prison Fellowship which includes but not limited to assisting with the organizing and implementation for SC, NC, FL, AL, TN, MS & GA. If I can be of assistance in any way please do not hesitate to reach out to me either via e-mail or 205.368.0080. I am available to travel if needed or any of our staff near or in your area.  All states have immediate needs for Angel Tree partners, I am specificly seeking sponsors for children in AL and TN. I hope to hear from you soon.
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana-President(19th)
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Holy Fountain BoCE Institue ( 2-4 June 2017 @ Mary Kgaile AME Church-Villiers Holy Fountain(Heilbron)District under The Rev. SS Maboe,PE held their BoCE Institute where Sons of Allen, A.C.E. League , Charlotte Maxeke (Ladies Fellowship) and R.A.Y.A.C. held their Conventions under the watchful eye of the District Board of Christian Education Director , The Reverend MJ Makoanyane. The Holy Fountain(Heilbron  ) Presiding Elder's District under one of the senior Presiding Elders , the Reverend  Sefako S. Maboe , is found in the ORANGIA CONFERENCE , in the 19th Episcopal District. This Presiding Elder's District boasts the rich history of the likes of Jacobus Xaba and Reverend Gabashane, our founders in South Africa after whom two circuits were named , viz. Xaba Chapel ( Heilbron) and the New Gabashane ( Vredefort) The Sons of Allen , in this Chapter , is led by the Rev. Ranthako( Coordinator) and Bro. Molifi Fusi( President)
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  Kingsley Diutlwileng NEDSoA
Thursday, May 4, 2017
Good day

Theo Mareka Memorial will be having their Armouring Ceremony on the 7th May 2017 in Boipatong under the Wilberforce Chapter on the East Conference. It great to see that the men ministry is growing in the Chapter. Hope they will have a spirit filled service for when the praises goes up, His glory comes down.
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana- President
Saturday, April 29, 2017
WILBERFORCE CHAPTER WORKSHOP & SOCIAL ACTION 29/04/2017 The Wilberforce Sons of Allen Chapter successfully held their annual workshop at Theo Mareka Memorial AME Church- Boipatong. The aim was to live up to everybody's expectations because we always advertise ouselves as a teaching church. Besides teaching our members what the Sons of Allen is all about, members were warned to 'mind the gap ' that poses danger in the future growth of our zion. We are so grateful to the leadership of the Chapter , Brother Peter Mei- President, Brother Teboho Chesane-Vice President , Brother Daniel Makoe - Coordinator and Brother Mokete Moeketsi-Secretary. Lest we forget , May the good Lord keep on blessing our Theo-Mareka Memorial AME Church Unit President , Brother Tshawe and his shepherd , Reverend Kgonothi and his queenly wife , Mother Lydia Kgonothi.
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  Leo C. Bray
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
All Praises to my father in heaven, My church the Historical Ward Chapel Sons of Allen is all about Gods business inside and out side the church, but the church Vernon Sons of Allen in Tulsa is really one to be proud of.  These men not only study and follow God's Word, they work diligently in and out side the church. May 21, 2017, their Sons of Allen is having a program. Let US support each other. I have purchase couple hundred dollars on apparel, but how much does the stick on patches cost and are the cheaper ordered in mass orders. Bro. Bray 918-740-0890
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana-President (NEDSoA)
Monday, March 27, 2017
In line with our discipling (Attraction)stategy, I visited a small circuit , the New Gabashane AME Church ( VREDEFORT) , in the Orangia Conference of the 19th Episcopal District, where JOHN PHAKANE served during the Anglo-Boer War  and contributed to the resistence in protecting our heritage in the Free State. The few men that I spoke to with regards to the establishment of the Sons of Allen , showed a great deal of interest. These men , among them Brother Viki and Brother Nkosi , promised to lift the banner and keep it aloft for the establishement of a Unit under the leadership of Reverend Setenane . We hope to see the Vredefort Unit in full swing at the sitting of the Heilbron Chapter Convention !!!  
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  Anthony Davis
Monday, March 6, 2017
Hello Brother Brown, I am alive and well here in Mobile, Alabama where I am a affiliated member of Bethel AME Church. My Home Church is none other than St Luke AME Sumter SC. I pray that the Son Of Allen continues to grow and prosper in the years to come. God Bless Bro Davis
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  Bro Harold Hughes
Friday, March 3, 2017
Please call BroHughes SON OF ALLEN APPAREL ACCESSORIES i can help you   843-618-0591    God Bless    Bro Hughes
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  George W. Franklin
Thursday, March 2, 2017
I am a member of MAYO AME church in Mattson, Ill.
We are in the process of changing the name of our MENS GROUP to the SONS OF ALLLEN.
We are seeking information about the minimum cost per man to get stared in demonstrating our

Unity  and Brotherhood. Consquently, as a start we are considering purchasing the recommended AME Ties (10) $20.00 ea. and the Removable Patch (10) $10.00 ea.
If you can, please, provide us with:
                                         -Approximate turn-around time for such an order,
                                         -Purchase tax, if required.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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  Vincent Scott
Thursday, February 16, 2017
I am currently serving as Pres.of SOA for St. James A.M.E. Church Orange Park Fl.
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana( 19th)
Monday, February 6, 2017
The AME Church Global Development Council ( 14-20 Districts) Date    : 22-24 February 2017 Venue : Beechwood Hotel- Boksburg (Johannesburg) NB. Our visibility and participation is highly encouraged !! Let the Sons of Allen come in their numbers for the sake of this God-favoured organisation , the Sons of Allen  !!!!
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana- President (19th)
Friday, January 20, 2017
The GDC will be hosted in Johannesburg in February 2017. It is expected that Districts 14-20 will send delegates. My wish is that Sons of Allen ,in the said Districts, should send a delegates to take part in the Sons of Allen Leadership Summit that will be held during the sitting of the GDC. Please communicate with me if you are from the aforesaid Episcopal Districts ( 14- 20) My telephone number is ( 27 726577303) or send me an e-mail at : or
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  Reginald Johnson
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Im interested in learning more about this organization
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  Stanley Lucas
Sunday, January 15, 2017
Member of  Shady Grove  AME  Church, Monticello, Arkansas. Was asked by my pastor to start a SOA  group at our church, not real sure where to start or how.
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  Harold Hughes
Saturday, December 17, 2016
Call Bro Hughes for Bylaws Book  SOA APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES
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  Jabulani N'Namdi
Sunday, December 4, 2016
Hello, I am interested in aquiring a SOA manual with the prospects of establishing a SOA ministry at Grant AME Church, Los Angeles,CA under the guidance of Pastor James A. Rumph. In Brotherhood, Jabulani N'Namdi.
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  Darryl Holmes
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
The Men of Trinity AME Church of Waukegan, Illinois, USA are considering establishing an SOA fellowship to serve our church and our community.  Trinity has just commemorated our 112th year as the first African American church established on the North Shore, we are approximately one hour north of Chicago.  Our community is in transition like many American communities.  We are experiencing decades of economic divestment, with globalization and automation of a once thriving manufacturing sector.  I ask all readers of this message to pray for the Men of Trinity and our success as Men of the AME Church. Regards, Bro. Darryl Holmes
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  Mvula Dumile Ngcana- President(19th)
Friday, October 14, 2016
Greetings in the wondeful Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ !! The men of this God-favoured organisation have been soo quiet . Is Jesus still Lord in our lives , oh men of God ? God is working miracles in the 19th Episcopal District . The South African Council of Churches has extended an invitation to the Sons of Allen President of the 19th Episcopal District where all Christian Congregations in Mzansi will be discussing the possibility of holding hands ( ecuminism) in the future. I am so excited about the whole issue of working together with other denominations , hoisting the banner of Christ !!! The meeting will take place on the 15th October 2016 at the Apollo Hotel , RANDBURG(JOHANNESBURG)
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